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digital strategy consulting In essence, for effective in-game advertising are the most suitable economic online multiplayer games and business simulations, where the actual goods, services, and brands are the basic elements of gameplay, which, respectively, provides the highest loyalty to the advertised thus brands and very high depth to contact the advertiser with each user. It is most likely that advertising in human society started simultaneously with the trade. Other types of advertising on the Internet generally combine the signs of display and search advertising, or tolerate these symptoms related with published on Internet pages of the field: for example, types of Internet advertising are considered to be advertising in the newsletter by subscription and advertising clients in the programs that are installed on the user's workstation.




November 2015

A number of companies on their official websites offers visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, informing you about company news and updates to the web site.


June 2016

The consumer is interested in reducing the number of advertising and reduce its obtrusiveness, the manufacturer, by contrast, is interested in increasing both the number of advertising and audience coverage, however, compromise solutions, for example, advertising on the real property on mutually beneficial with facility owners and homeowners ' associations condition.[11] The interests of society as a whole require to protect consumers from false and deceptive advertising.